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19/5/22 GOV UK Street Works Toolkit – GOV.UK ( A guidance outlining best practice for managing street and road works for the deployment of broadband infrastructure
19/5/22 Scotland Gov Measures Necessary where Apparatus is affected by Major Works (Diversionary Works) | Scottish Road Works Commissioner
19/5/22 Scotland Gov The Traffic Signs Amendment (Scotland) Regulations and General Directions 2022 (
PDF Download
30/11/21 OPSS Draft Construction Products Regulations presentation PDF Download
6/9/21 Cabinet OFFICE Procurement Policy Note – Reserving
Below Threshold Procurements PPN 11/20 July 21
PDF Download
21/7/21 Cabinet Office Procurement_Policy_Note – Contracts Find PPN 07/21




PPN 06_19 PPN_for_New_Thresholds_2020_pdf

30/01/19 Home Office Anti Corruption Compliance Guide PDF Download
30/01/19 Home Office A Brief Guide to Modern Slavery – Transparency in supply chains PDF Download
15/04/19 Gov UK Cyber Essentials Guidance Web Link
16/07/18 Gov UK British Social Attitudes Survey 2017 PDF Download
21/03/18 Gov Legislation bribery-act-2010-quick-start-guide PDF Download