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Date of doc Document Author Document Name Format / Download
3/8/21 TOPAS Guidance on the procurement of SIDs and VAS PDF Download
13/7/21 Highways England Policy for Using Variable Signs and Signals V3.2 July 2020 PDF Download
13/7/21 Chair NHSS9 National Highways Sector Scheme 9 – July 2021 PDF Download
25/6/21 BEIS Guidance for CE/CA marking – June 2021 BEIS webinar

UKNI Step By Step Guide

One-page explainer Using the UKCA Marking

UKCA and conformity assessment presentation 24.06.2021

UKCA Step By Step Guide

18.06.2021 UKNI one page explainer

Oct 06 UKRLG A well managed highways infrastructure – Code of Practice PDF Download
Sept 11 UKRLG Management of Electronic Traffic Equipment – Code of Practice PDF Download
Sept 20 TOPAS Statement to Tender Issuers PDF Download
15/07/20 TTF The State of the Connected Nation PDF Download
16/01/20 Zenzic UK Connected and Automated Mobility Roadmap PDF Download
16/01/20 TTF The Strategic Business Case for Smarter Traffic Management  РJuly 2018 PDF Download
16/01/20 TTF Connected Roads, Vehicles and People – July 2018 PDF Download
16/01/20 TTF Connected Roads, Vehicles and People – Report July 2018 PDF Download
16/01/20 TTF Specifications & Standards – Scoping – July 2018 PDF Download
13/12/19 Scottish Government National Transport Strategy Web Link
28/6/21 ARTSM General Secretary – Who are we and where we sit? (updated – Arms of ARTSM) PDF Download
28/6/21 ARTSM Complaints Policy 2021 PDF Download
02/01/19 DfT Response on consultation for MRN PDF Download
09/03/18 BSI Brexit Position Report February 2018 PDF Download
01/03 DfT Traffic Advisory Leaflet – Vehicle Activated Signs PDF Download
01/15 DfT Traffic Advisory Leaflet – Variable Message Signs PDF Download