Working Groups

Five specialist working groups within the Association (bollards & sign illumination, traffic signs, fixed & portable variable message signs, traffic signals & control and services) have been established with their own meetings, in order to ensure full discussion and strong external relationships for specialist interests.

These groups publish their own Guidance Notes to help specifiers understand the complexities of the European Standards and other areas of knowledge to ensure that they get the correct products for their needs.

Members are invited to join all or any of the working groups and participate in their meetings.

More specific information about the working groups of ARTSM can be found by clicking on the Working Groups links on the right of this page.

Working Group 1 covers Bollards & Sign Illumination.
Working Group 2 coversĀ  Traffic Signs.
Working Group 3 covers Fixed & Portable VMS.
Working Group 4 covers Traffic Signals & Control
Working Group 5 covers Highways Technology, Installation and Maintenance

Meeting dates for 2021:

  • WG1 : 8th March 2021; 9th June 2021; 8th September 2021; 8th December 2021
  • WG2 : 13th January 2021 (cancelled); 14th April 2021; 14th July 2021; 13th October 2021
  • WG3 : 20th January 2021 (cancelled); 7th April 2021; 30th June 2021; 6th October 2021
  • WG4 : 10th February 2021; 12th May 2021; 11th August 2021; 10th November 2021
  • WG5 : 28th January 2021, 24th February 2021; 25th March 2021; 1st April 2021; 11th May 2021; August TBC
  • AGM : 3rd March 2022 (Thursday) – Ashorne Hill, CV33 9QW

All members welcome. Venues TBC