ARTSM is an informed and influential force in the field of Highways and Transport. The Association seeks to benefit Members through its representative role, aiming to influence technological developments and improve standards in traffic engineering and operations.

Members are kept up to date with developments affecting the industry by means of regular emails from the Secretariat. We consult with Members on European and UK standards through our Working Group meetings and, when necessary, make representations on their behalf to both central and local government. The Association attends major trade exhibitions and conferences and also make regular contributions to the technical press dealing with issues that affect our members.

We work closely with the Department for Transport, and are represented on technical committees under their auspices, including the Traffic Signs Technical Working Party. We have very good relationships with the Traffic Engineering Policy Division, and with the Highways England. We also form part of the Board of TOPAS alongside representatives from DfT and TSG.

By having seats on a number of BSI committees we are well placed to participate in the development of standards which relate to our industry sectors, ensuring that such standards continue to be driven by business and drafted by technical experts in the field. ARTSM continues to take part in open participation, maintaining its strong links with other trade bodies, public authorities, academia and NGO representatives to ensure consensus with Europe and EU standardisation processes. We have recently become founding partners of the Highways Industry Alliance (HIA) and also partner LCRIG (Local Council Road Innovation Group). Our members sit as technical experts on behalf of ARTSM in a number of working groups with BSI, reflecting the work carried out by our own working groups.

We offer an alternative dispute resolution process to maintain adherence to standards, which is free for our members, the details of which are found in our Dispute Resolution Policy. In addition we supply updates on legal requirements via our newsboard and emails to members.

We publish regular articles in the Industry press and work closely with other Trade Bodies and Associations.

The Executive Committee meets at least four times a year, and is responsible for directing the general running of the Association’s affairs, which is carried out by the General Secretary.

We hold an annual event for members and guests, following our AGM, which provides good networking opportunities and a chance to learn about latest innovation from our members and partners.

Working groups hold regular meetings to discuss issues in their respective fields of expertise.  For more information on this please refer to the working groups pages.


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