ARTSM Guidance Notes

Date Document Author Document Name Format / Download
6/5/21 ARTSM Exec Guidance on CE and CA Marking Update PDF download
1/10/20 ARTSM WG2 Guidance on procurement of traffic management signage PDF Download
1/10/20 ARTSM Exec Guidance on CE and CA Marking as at September 2020 PDF Download
30/03/20 ARTSM WG3 Non harmonised standards in the UK affecting product testing and certificate for VMS PDF Download
30/03/20 ARTSM WG4 Obsolete EN Norms affecting product testing and certification PDF Download
16/09/19 ARTSM WG4 Guidance on FAT For Traffic Signal Controllers PDF Download
20/03/19 ARTSM WG3 Guidance on the selection of VMS v2 PDF Download
01/11/18 ARTSMĀ  WG2 Statement on temporary signs PDF Download
15/06/18 ARTSM WG4 Guidance Note CE Marking WG4 May 2018 PDF Download
23/04/18 ARTSM Exec Guidance on GDPR KF 200418 PDF Download
27/7/18 ARTSM WG3 Guidance note on VMS and scrolling signs v2 PDF Download
14/09/17 ARTSM WG4 Guidance on TOPAS 0917 PDF Download
20/10/17 ARTSM WG3 BSEN 12966 and Design & Testing RS Oct 17 PDF Download
1/7/17 ARTSM WG2 Sign Savings – Replacing Obsolete Road Traffic Signs PDF Download
1/3/14 ARTSM WG2 Labelling of Road Traffic Signs PDF Download
1/9/13 ARTSM WG2 CE Marking of Road Traffic Signs PDF Download
1/9/12 ARTSM WG1 Specifying External Lighting Units PDF Download
1/9/12 ARTSM WG2 Specifying Permanent Traffic Signs PDF Download