Becoming a Member

ARTSM membership is available to manufacturers and service providers within the traffic management industry and details of the classes of membership can be found in our Objects and Rules of Constitution (see below).  We also welcome consultants, local authorities, designers, SASS providers, academics and others to encourage greater collaborative working. Annual subscription is  based on annual turnover, and details of the allocated bands can be found in the download area, along with the application form. There is also a one-off entrance fee of £200 which also covers the Association’s audit of your company.

Membership is currently corporate only but open to all staff of any company member.  We operate on a take what you need basis, so everyone is welcome to attend any working group meetings, provided notification is given beforehand.  We ask that you identify your main affiliation so that we can ensure you are included in our regular emails, bulletins and meeting invitations.

We fix four meetings a year for each working group at the beginning of each year but these are flexible.  We provide access to meetings virtually whenever possible, but we encourage each working group to have at least one face to face meeting each year.

In addition, the Association holds an Annual General Meeting, which is followed by a social event with guests and a speaker. Membership includes one invitation per company, but additional places can be purchased.  The AGM is usually very well attended, and is useful not only for the formal business but also for improving contacts between our members, since there is significant inter-trading and exchange of knowledge between our member companies.  We shall be holding the next event in March 2022.  During covid lockdown we re-styled our AGM and we are inviting members to present papers to our audience of guests.

As a member you are entitled to access our dispute resolution service for issues relating to non compliance of standards and we also provide a bi-annual newsletter.

For more information on becoming a member, please see the documents below.

Four reasons to be a member

Value Proposition Statement

application Form ARTSM 001 2024 v1

Members testimonials

Objects & Rules of Constitution March 2023 

Membership fees for 2024

Renewal information 2024

External Committee Scope 2023