Executive Committee for 2018.  Two vacancies arose this year as a result of the rotation requirements.  A ballot has taken place and we welcome Keith Manston (Siemens) (who was re-elected) and Sean Coffey (Rennicks).  In addition we now have a new General Secretary and a Strategy & Development Officer and welcome Kealie Franklin and Lindsay Foster (in his new role).

The full committee therefore comprises:

Dan Robinson (TMP Solutions) (chair)

David Gwyther (3M)

Keith Manston (Siemens)

Jodie Mclean (Eurosigns)

Graham Muspratt (Clearview Intelligence)

Sean Coffey (Rennicks)

Current co-opted members:

Will Baron (Keysoft Solutions) (co-opted)

Roger Stainforth (VMS) (co-opted)

Mark Pleydell (Radix Traffic) (co-opted)

Ian Thomas (TMP Solutions) (co-opted)