Working Group 1

Working Group 1 – Passive Safety Products

Working Group 1 – Posts, Bollards,  Beacons, cabinets and ancillary products – that fall under BS EN 12767. 

Chair 2023/24 – Wayne Lovett, Hydro Poles

Vice Chair – Ian Thomas, Rennicks (Chair of B509/10)

The majority of the work addressed by this Working Group is centered on issues arising through the testing & compliance of products as determined in BS EN BS EN 12767 and the standards which rely on this for passive safety – including BS EN 12899 and BS 8442 where applicable.   The Program of work is based upon the existence of, and the need to deal with relevant issues in the following categories:

  1. National Highways Specifications and Technical Regulations. This includes proposed changes to Design Manual for Roads & Bridges (DMRB) and MCHW taking particular notice of the nuances of each of the devolved nations
  2. TOPAS Specification TOPAS 2546
  3. CEN, European and BSI adopted Standards.
  4. TSRGD 2016 & Revisions to Traffic Signs manual
Aims of WG1 Membership
  1. To take part in a continuous review of standards in the above categories, taking action on any documents which require revision to reflect changes in procedures, legislation, safety, and European harmonisation & implement changes across the sector accordingly
  2. Any document or parts of documents considered to be redundant owing to any of the above changes will be examined for consolidation or withdrawal.
  3. To publish guidance notes to help end customers & engineers specify the appropriate products for their needs.
Objectives for 2023/24
  1. Fully review all standards that are applicable to this Working Group & make representation to relevant HE, BSI or CEN committee responsible for implementation
  2. Retain membership of relevant committees where we can influence improvements to standards & make best use of the expertise of the individual members within the Highways Sector
  3. Ensure that all members are manufacturing & promoting products that comply with the correct standards currently in place
  4. Help raise awareness of the value of the ARTSM for the maintenance and development of appropriate and relevant standards across the Highways Sector
  5. Support TOPAS in providing a complete register of safe and substantiated products available in the UK
Points of Reference (Standards Applicable)
  1. BS EN 12767:2019
  2. BS EN12899-1:2007
  3. BS EN12899-2:2007
  4. BS 8442:2022
  5. TOPAS 2546

Next meeting :     13/2/24; 1/5/24; 1/8/24; 5/11/24

Chair 2023/24: Wayne Lovett, Hydro Poles (elected Nov 23);  Deputy Chair : Ian Thomas