Working Group 2

Working Group 2 – Traffic Signs & Road Safety Equipment

Chair 2023/24 – Dale Stevenson, Rennicks (re-elected 2023)

Vice Chair – Chris Morley, Chevron

The work of WG2 is focused around the  European Standard – BS EN 12899-1 – ‘Fixed Vertical Traffic Signs’ and its implementation.  It is also involved in the development of training for temporary traffic signs manufacture and adaptation and revisions  of BS 8442 for miscellaneous devices.  WG2 are participating in overhaul of the National Highways Sector Scheme 9.

WG 2 members are represented on the following organisations:

  1. European Standards working group CEN TC 226 WG3, and the UK’s mirror Committee to this group, B/509/3 within BSI. This mirror committee represents UK interests in CEN for applicable European Standards and also for National Standards.
  2. The Department for Transport Traffic Signs Technical Working Party; and
  3. The National Highway Sector Scheme 9 Sector Scheme Advisory Committee.
 Aims of WG2 Membership  

To implement a continuous review of applicable Standards.

  1. To be represented in the decision making process, assisting with the formation and revision of any legislation, design guides, safety and product Standards that may have an effect on Members’ businesses.
  2. To publish Guidance Notes to help end customers, members and specifier ensure appropriate products are supplied.
Objectives for 2023/24
  1. Fully review all standards that are applicable to this Working Group & make representation to relevant HE, BSI or CEN committee responsible for implementation.
  2. Maintain membership of relevant committees where we can influence improvements to standards & make best use of the expertise of the individual members within the Highways Sector.
  3. Ensure that all members are manufacturing & promoting products that comply with the correct standards currently in place.
Points of Reference (Standards Applicable)
  1. BS EN 13422:2004+A1:2009   – Vertical road signs. Portable deformable warning devices and delineators. Portable road traffic signs. Cones and cylinders
  2. BS EN 12899:2007  –  Fixed, vertical road traffic signs . All parts
  3. BS 8442:2015     Miscellaneous road traffic signs and devices. Requirements and test methods
  4. BS 8408:2005     Road traffic signs. Testing and performance of microprismatic retroreflective sheeting materials. Specification.
  5. Traffic Signs Manual Chapter 8

Next Meetings :    7/2/24; 16/5/24; 22/8/24; 14/11/24

Chair  2023/24: Dale Stevenson, Rennicks  (third Term) Deputy Chair : Chris Morley, Chevron