Working Group 4

Working Group 4 – Traffic Signals and Control

Working Group 4 – Traffic Signals And Control – 

Chair 2023/24 Oliver Cox, Swarco (third term) 

Vice Chair – Martin Andrews, Yunex

This Statement of Purpose has been prepared with two objectives:

WG4 Activities

Working Group 4 has a remit to support members of ARTSM with interests in road traffic control equipment, vehicle and pedestrian detection equipment, traffic and pedestrian signals and related items but does not address variable message signs which are covered by WG3.

The WG serves both to disseminate information to members that may be of relevance to their activities and to consolidate the needs and concerns of members to inform and lobby other parties in the sector.

The WG is heavily represented on the TOPAS management board and on BSI’s shadow committee to ELP/526 (covering European norms relating to traffic control). The WG aims to meet at least annually and will also transact business by email between meetings.

Sources of Relevant Information 

ARTSM supports TOPAS and would urge all buyers of equipment covered under these specifications to require adherence to them as a part of their procurement processes. Most UK Local Authorities already do so. Adherence to TOPAS specifications alleviates the level of specification required by buyers. For manufacturers it ensures that one product will give access to the majority of the UK market. Those interested are advised to access for more information.

Those with interests in this sector are also advised to familiarise themselves with BSEN12368, (Traffic Signals) BSEN12675 (Traffic Control Equipment) and BSEN50556 (Safety of Traffic Control Systems).

Other BSEN documents apply to the EMC and related extrinsic performance of all such equipment.

Similarly the Design Manual for Roads and Bridges (a Highways England document) is widely used to provide guidance on implementation of traffic control solutions for junctions, pedestrian crossings and other instances where traffic control may be required on the public highway. Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are bound by the BSEN documents and also draw on TOPAS, TSRGD and DMRB for their implementations of traffic control solutions.

Next Meetings :    18/1/24; 25/4/24; 8/8/24; 12/11/24

Chair March 2023-24: Oliver Cox, Swarco (elected May 2021 third term)  Deputy Chair : Martin Andrews, Yunex