Working Group 5

Working Group 5 – Services (including installation and maintenance)

Working Group 5 – Services – 

Chair 2021 – TBC

Vice Chair – TBC

The work of WG2 will primarily be to provide a forum where service related issues can be discussed and challenged, with input to reviews of relevant specifications, regulations, working practices, HEA National Highways Sector Scheme, Highways England Passport Scheme and to the client procurement processes

WG 5 members are represented on the following organisations:

  1. National Highways Sector Scheme 9 – Manufacture of permanent traffic signs under BS EN 12899, installation of non-electrical signs and manufacturer and design and supply of temporary traffic signs under BS 8442.
  2. National Highways Sector Scheme 8
  3. The Department for Transport Traffic Signs Technical Working Party; and
  4. Safer Highways
 Aims of WG5 Membership  

To implement a continuous review of applicable Standards.

  1. To be represented in the decision making process, assisting with the formation and revision of any legislation, design guides, safety and product Standards that may have an effect on Members’ businesses.
  2. To publish Guidance Notes to help end customers, members and specifier ensure appropriate products are supplied.
Objectives for 2021-22
  1. TBC