Working Group 5

Working Group 5 – Roadside Services  (including installation and maintenance)

Working Group 5 – Highways Technology Installation & Maintenance

Chair 2023/24 – Scott Hatcher, Coeval

Vice Chair – Will Credicott, AGD

The work of WG5 is for members of ARTSM who are engaged in roadside services on public highways to provide a forum where service related issues can be discussed and to share experiences and views to contribute to the future direction of this area of industry to identify areas of concern in the services arena including issues relating to site surveys, acceptance testing, installation, commissioning, and maintenance and, in particular:

Its aims are to:

Its general objectives are to:

  1. Provide input into standards and specifications in respect of requirements for serviceability and maintenance by working with standards development groups such as BSI and TOPAS
  2. Provide input into National Highways Sector Schemes and Passport schemes by working with Sector Schemes and Highways England
  3. Provide input into regulations and guidance (eg. Red Book, Pink Book) by working with the development groups and other Associations such as Streetworks (UK) and DfT
  4. Establish strong collaborative links with others to establish greater awareness of the needs of the roadside services group
  5. Develop relationships with consultancies and authorities to establish best practice guidance
  6. Publish guidance notes based on the expertise of members to promote safe systems of work, using technology to improve service provision and to provide a consistent service to clients

WG5 Members are represented on the following organisations by ARSTM:

Points of Reference:

National Highways Sector Schemes 9, 8, 12, 6

TOPAS Specifications

Code of Practice for Streetworks (Red Book)

DMRB & IHE Guidance

Introduction to the Use of Portable Signals (Pink Book)

Traffic Signs Manuals _ Chapter 8 (Operations)

Next Meetings :  23/1/24; 11/4/24; 6/8/24; 31/10/24

Chair June 2023/24 – Scott Hatcher, Coeval (elected June 23 First term); Deputy Chair – Will Credicott, AGD