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PTC Limited

PTC is an independent technology consultancy working in the Traffic Control and ITS sectors.  We support you through the product and service life-cycle applying concepts, designs, market testing, prototyping, trialling and evaluation using experience that stretched right back to the mid 1990s and forward t what we think is yet to come.

With clients in Local Authorities, equipment and services providers and outside the UK, our small team of experts draw on substantial experience of product design and development, specifications and innovation to provide a wide range of services including but not limited to –

  • requirement capture and interpretation
  • providing technical assurance for clients – ensuring that the solutions provided meet their needs
  • undertaking custom product design
  • supporting TOPAS Product Registrations
  • writing/reviewing technical procurement specifications for local authorities
  • advising on existing/available technology solutions and providers
  • Licensing IP

We work with or have worked with many ARTSM members, numerous Local Authorities, with National Highways,  Contractors and for companies in the UK, Europe, India and elsewhere.

Our team sit on committees and boards for the Association, TOPAS, BSI and are well connected to the wider Traffic Control and ITS community.

Please contact us ([email protected]) to explore our knowledge and experience and how we can use these for your benefit.

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