The Future DMRB project

A consultation with main users of the DMRB was carried out and, as a result, eleven key recommendations emerged. The recommendations have been approved by the Highways England Executive with support from Transport Scotland, Transport Wales and the DRDNI (Northern Ireland).

Whilst respecting the achievements of the current suite of DMRB documents, our vision for the future DMRB is to define clear and unambiguous requirements to ensure that the Overseeing Organisations discharge their obligations.

Specifically the future DMRB project will:

  • Introduce a new structure, style and format for DMRB documents to remove ambiguity and obsolete content and make a clear distinction between requirements and advice
  • Introduce a new structure for the entire DMRB document set
  • Incorporate IANs into relevant DMRB documents
  • Reduce advice by either incorporating it into relevant DMRB documents or externalising it to other organisations
  • Introduce National Application Annexes to allow Overseeing Organisation specific requirements
  • Future-proof the documents and our approach to their development and use with the aid of digital technology

The project shall be complete within Road period 1 (by March 2020).  An overall work programme has been developed and signed off (see attached document: ITS programme) which covers the following technology groups:

  • Traffic Control
  • Variable Signs & Signals
  • Roadside lighting
  • Electricity supply connections
  • Ramp metering
  • Infrastructure monitoring
  • High Occupancy Vehicle Gates
  • Motorway Control Offices