I recently read an article in Highways Industry.com from Crown Highways who state that they are the supplier for the HE passport scheme which is designed by LANTRA.

Please note that I have spoken with the manager of the Highways England Passport Scheme who confirms that the proof of concept ends on 31 October and they have not, as yet, completed negotiations into how this will continue.  They do however advise that they anticipate it will be via an online platform for the HE H&S Induction, to provide for all users, including those who work shifts, to be able to complete this.

It is not therefore the case that Crown Highways will necessarily be providing the training ongoing from 1st November.

HE confirm they will not be using the LANTRA model in any event and you are advised to check on the HE hub for the latest information.

Any training that you/your employees have undertaken in relation to the HE health & safety induction course will last for three years from the date obtained.

Please may I ask that you share this information.

Thank you.

General Secretary