ARTSM – 2021 – New Working Group – WG5 – Services

ARTSM have long represented the highways industry in contributing to, and driving changes in regulations and specifications, and ensuring product compliance, however recently whilst reviewing its role in the highways industry it was identified that a large portion of the highways industry was not represented fully by the Association, that being the services sector, despite many members having a services department.

ARTSM has therefore set up a new working group to represent the services element of the highways sector, enabling all ARTSM members who provide a service, to share their experiences and their views to contribute to the future direction of the safety and competence of field operatives. This new working group will work closely with other associations and interested parties to promote safe systems of work, using technology to improve service provisions, and to provide a consistent service to clients.

ARTSM is represented on a number of Committees in relation to services, including National Highways Sector Schemes and works closely with other Associations and bodies on reviewing documents such as the Safety at Street works and Road works Code of Practice (The Red Book).

The group will follow the same processes and guidelines as all other ARTSM working groups, with its inaugural meeting in Q1 2021.

Details of the proposed Terms of Reference can be obtained from [email protected]

If your company has a service element, you may be interested in joining ARTSM to be part of this new working group.  Details of how to become a member can be found on our website www.artsm.org.uk .

Enquiries for membership should be directed to the General Secretary at the email above.

Richard Bevins, WG4 Chair

On behalf of the Executive Committee