What is the difference between TOPAS “compliant” and “registered”?

Frameworks ask for TOPAS Registered products.  If a product does not appear on the register, or cannot be validated by TOPAS on request, it is not registered.

A “compliant” product is a statement by a manufacturer stating that they believe the product would be compliant ‘if’ it were to be put through the TOPAS process – this means, that it has not been put through the TOPAS processes.

A TOPAS Registered product means that the product has been through the processes of independent technical assessment and accepted by the TOPAS Body to be registered as compliant to the requirements of the specification(s) which it states.  Where there is more than one specification, the product may appear on the register several times, under each specification.  As a procurer you are advised to check the register under the required specifications, since there may be different caveats included for different specifications.