We are pleased to announce following our AGM that the subscriptions for 2018 remain at the discounted rates: Ordinary & Non voting Members – £720 – (reduced from £1400) Reduced fee : £330 (reduced from £640) (for companies with turnover below £500,000 pa.) Overseas Affiliates : £950   Initial application fee of £50


  The updated working drawing for 7202.1 is now live. The direct link to it is  


It has come to the attention of the Association that it is no longer possible to obtain the relevant NVQ qualification required for registration to the National Highways Sector Scheme 9A (NHSS), as set out in the NHSS 9A Sector Scheme Document (SSD). The Association is well represented on the Sector Scheme Advisory Committee (SSAC), […]


The Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy are currently compiling a list of UK based manufacturers of Mobile Traffic Lights or any Rental / Lease companies that might import such systems and intend to engage with these companies going forward, in order to provide awareness of the obligations under RoHS regulations. Members who are involved in these products are […]


This instrument amends the Traffic Signs Regulations 2016 and the Traffic Signs Directions 2016, together cited as the Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions 2016 – SI 2016/362 (“TSRGD 2016”), to correct errors and improve clarity.


The Association, by way of representation on the National Highway Sector Scheme Liaison Committee, was made aware of Highways England’s (HE) intention to introduce a new card scheme for operatives working on the HE network. Known as the Health and Safety Passport scheme, this pilot  scheme was officially launched on the 8th November. HE hope […]


Executive Committee for 2018.  Two vacancies arose this year as a result of the rotation requirements.  A ballot has taken place and we welcome Keith Manston (Siemens) (who was re-elected) and Sean Coffey (Rennicks).  In addition we now have a new General Secretary and a Strategy & Development Officer and welcome Kealie Franklin and Lindsay […]


The Association’s Annual General Meeting and luncheon will be held at Haynes Motor Museum, Somerset on Thursday 23 November.  Members will be joined for lunch by Dominic Browne (Highways Magazine), Jon Gibson (Brintex) Neil Levett (Hemming Group) Roger Mackintosh, Liz Newell-Hart (BSI Traffic Signs Committee) Alan Nicholas, and Andy Pledge (Secretary of the Retroreflective Equipment Manufacturers Association). Our […]


The Department for Transport has indicated that the three-month European notification period has now ended, and it expects to lay the new Regulations before Parliament during March 2016, with a coming-into-force date sometime in April. The new TSRGD will revoke the long-standing requirement for equipment used to bring traffic signs into or out of use to […]