An interesting article appeared today on RSKH (Road Safety Knowledge Hub) on the issues around driving for work and the number of collisions and KSIs. click here to read more    


ARTSM – 2021 – New Working Group – WG5 – Services ARTSM have long represented the highways industry in contributing to, and driving changes in regulations and specifications, and ensuring product compliance, however recently whilst reviewing its role in the highways industry it was identified that a large portion of the highways industry was not […]


3/12/20 – ARTSM highlight importance of standardisation for non contact pedestrian demand – click on the heading above     

01/12/2020 – 1/12/20  


29/9/20 – HE have advised that they will be including the Passport Scheme in all new projects but state that it is NOT MANDATED.  However, it is the intention that it be adopted “unless you have something better” and they are expecting all lead contractors to require compliance.  For more information click  to go to  the […]


What is the difference between TOPAS “compliant” and “registered”? Frameworks ask for TOPAS Registered products.  If a product does not appear on the register, or cannot be validated by TOPAS on request, it is not registered. A “compliant” product is a statement by a manufacturer stating that they believe the product would be compliant ‘if’ it were to be put through […]


Statement to Tender issuers –  TOPAS statement to Tender issuers 1/9/20

23/07/2020 (24/11/20) (24/11/20) (24/11/20) (24/11/20) (24/11/20) BSI update on standards bodies and the UK and voting rights at CEN 27/7/20 – See Link


Today ORR published its annual report on RIS and HE.  A copy will be available in the member area and a link will follow shortly.


20/6/20 – Guidance from Government re Covid changes: Reallocating road space in response to COVID-19: statutory guidance for local authorities Traffic Management Act 2004: network management in response to COVID-19 The Traffic Orders Procedure (Coronavirus) (Amendment) (England) Regulations 2020 Reallocating road space in response to COVID-19: statutory guidance for local authorities £2 billion package to […]