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Webinars for using the UKCA marking and placing goods on the market in Great Britain and Northern Ireland – GOV.UK ( and for Construction Products The New UK Regime for Goods: BEIS/DLUHC – Construction Products Tickets, Tue 29 Mar 2022 at 15:00 | Eventbrite BEIS webinar presentation 01-02-2022 – Understanding Labelling and Marking Requirements BEIS […]


UK Bodies and Sub-contracting for CA Marking –  10th March 2022 UK Market Conformity Assessment Bodies – GOV.UK (   Jan 2022 government list


Common Framework for Public Procurement – January 2022 ( Company law: provisional common framework – GOV.UK ( Rail technical standards: provisional common framework – GOV.UK ( Air quality: provisional common framework – GOV.UK (


Latest Technical Bulletins – UKAS 26/1/22 Construction faces new certification crisis | Features | Building Article on CE/CA Marking 31/1/22 Pre Exit EAD List transferred for UK use Note : Where there is not UK ETA in place then there is no mandatory requirement to CA mark at this current point in time – 3/2/22


ORR consultation on its proposed approach to assessing the challenge and deliverability of plans for the third Road Investment Strategy – Just a gentle reminder,  that the Office of Rail and Road is seeking views on its proposed approach to fulfilling its duties within the development process for the third Road Investment Strategy (RIS3). The consultation […]


Openreach have announced their plans to close down the PSTN and ISDN telephone networks from now until 2025. This includes stopping the supply of any new PSTN and ISDN lines in 2023. By 2025, telephone calls will be made using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), using broadband and other network access services, such as Ethernet.


6/12/21 Preparing for RIS3 – Planning Ahead Planning ahead for the strategic road network: developing the third road investment strategy (


Final Review and further documentation now published on the Government website Union Connectivity Review (


Industry Forum – working together – seeing the bigger picture – LCRIG ARTSM are very pleased to continue to support this Industry Associations in sharing information across our sector Anyone is welcome to attend the meetings to share news and progress about their respective areas of industry to ensure the wider picture is more accessible […]